[Used/Video Available] YAMAHA AE-11 Full-Acoustic Guitar, circa 1967-1971, Japan Vintage

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How you met JAZZ

Product introduction

We have a used Yamaha AE-11, manufactured between 1967 and 1971, in stock now!

This instrument features a spruce top and maple back and sides, giving it a clear, well-defined sound.
The neck is made of maple with a rosewood fingerboard and the nut width is approximately 42.5mm.
Another attractive feature is the 0 fret specification, which is not found in subsequent models!

The AE-11 was released in the late 1960s, at the dawn of Japanese-made guitars, and remains a model that continues to have many fans today.
There are various theories, but one story is that legendary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery also wanted to own one.
With this background in mind, we hope you will experience the charm of this guitar!

★There is a short story based on this device under "Product Details", so if you have time, please take a look! [Click to read]


Despite its history spanning more than half a century, it still retains its beautiful appearance.
The body will develop a rich amber color over time.
The neck is in good condition and the playability is still excellent. It's a little sad that the original pickguard is gone, but it might be fun to attach your own color pickguard.
*There is rust on the tailpiece fixing part (see image).

Product Details

Neck warp : Almost straight
Rod: There is room on both sides
Fret remaining : 50-60 %
Serial number : 22658
Weight : Approx. 3.3kg
String height : 1st string 2.2mm / 6th string 2.3mm
Accessories : Original case (handle missing), instruction manual

[Original short story]
Moonlight is a small jazz club in Tokyo.
There I saw Katsuya, an elderly guitarist holding an old Yamaha AE-11.
This guitar is a rare Japanese vintage piece manufactured between 1967 and 1971.
Katsuya's relationship with the AE-11 spanned more than half a century.
The countless scratches on the body are the history of the two men. Their passion in their youth, their failures, and their comebacks. All of this is engraved on this guitar.

That night, Katsuya had a special guest: his grandson, Ryuta.
He had never heard his grandfather play.
Katsuya took a deep breath and gently stroked the strings of the AE-11. The moment the first note rang out, the atmosphere in the club changed.
The rich, warm tones fill the venue.
There were only a few frets left, but Katsuya's fingers still moved lightly.
Ryuta listened with bated breath.
My grandfather's playing was not just music.
It was life itself: joy, sorrow, all expressed through the AE-11.

When the performance ended, the hall was enveloped in silence.
Then, a huge round of applause erupted. Katsuya closed his eyes and hugged AE-11 to his chest.
That night, Ryuta learned the true power of music.
He realized that AE-11 was indeed his grandfather's soul.
Katsuya said with a smile.
"This instrument embodies the golden age of Japanese instrument manufacturing. I'd love for you to play it someday."
Ryuta nodded.
Through the AE-11, he decided to carry on his grandfather's life and Japan's musical history.

The Yamaha AE-11 is more than just a musical instrument: it is an irreplaceable instrument that conveys the soul of music across generations.


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