[Used] Gibson ES-335 DOT figured Memphis decal 2002

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Product introduction

This is a rare piece with a "MADE IN MEMPHIS" ​​decal that is rarely found on the market!
This decal is a special mark that was only placed on guitars produced early at the Memphis factory, and it shines brightly on the back of the headstock on this model!

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime rare specimen, so don't miss out on this opportunity!"


Although the playing condition is fine, when you remove the pickguard there are traces of holes being filled, the finish is peeling off at the end of the body (bottom), and the jack pin hole has been filled in at the elbow, so we are selling it at a bargain price!
*The holes under the pickguard have been securely sealed and finished on top.
*The pickguard is not original.

Product Details

Neck warp : Almost straight
Rod: There is room on both sides
Fret remaining : about 80%
Serial number : 00722732
Weight : Approx. 3.9kg
String height : 1st string 2.2mm / 6th string 2.4mm
Accessories : Gig bag (non-OEM)


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